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Our exceptional made-to-measure shirt

The made-to-measure Kalgati shirt is distinguished by the subtlety and accuracy of its lines, drawn by a french patternmaker with unparalleled know-how.

Enhanced by refined and discreet finishing touches, your shirt is crafted in the intimacy of a first class French atelier. Our collars and cuffs are unique. White or blue, your shirt is crafted in the rarest Sea Island, exceptional Giza 87 Egyptian cottons and the most precious mother-of-pearl.

Now it is time for made-to-measure !

Our strongest desire is to offer you the most luxurious made in France shirts. Today, we bring our know-how, excellence and experience through our made-to-measure Kalgati shirt. A step forward.

In white and blue Sea Island and Giza 87 cotton

The white shirt, revealing your true self

Timeless item in a man’s wardrobe, the white shirt accompanies him in every important moment of his life.It reflects his elegance and his self-confidence, no matter the situation.

We wish this shirt to be your ideal white shirt, a trusted partner enhancing your day-to-day life.

The blue shirt, essential

Privileged color for a shirt, blue adapts to all situations, formal or relaxed. Perfect alternative to white, blue shirt is essential for a timeless wardrobe.

Easy to be associated with any outfit, blue shirt is the guarantee of a sober elegance.

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To suit all refinement

Three exclusive collars


Kalos collar

With 6.5 cm point length our Kalos collar (from ancient greek “beautiful”) is easy to wear with a slim tie knot. Its lines give him a contemporary look and it stays refined even unbuttonned.


Kalgati collar

Quintessential elegant and classic collar. With a 7.5cm point length that will stay under the lapel, it is sober, distinguished with its lines that follow the shoulder lines.

Agathos collar

Dressed, our Agathos collar (from the ancient Greek “wise, good”) is a wide collar with 8 cm point length, perfect for business appointments. It easily pairs with all tie knots.

Four types of cuffs


Rounded cuffs

Discreet and elegant, rounded cuffs deteriorate less rapidly than the more angular ones.

Mitered cuffs

Refined, mitered cuffs are synonymous of soberty and distinction. One button like all Kalgati buttoned cuffs.

Squared cuffs

Classical, our squared cuffs are 7 cm height, like our round and angled cuffs.


French cuffs

Traditional. The 7.5 cm setback of the cuff covers the base of the wrist.

French or front placket

French placket (no placket)

Dressed, the french placket is perfect for all situations.

Front placket

Thr front placket adds a light casual touch to your shirt.

The made-to-measure Kalgati shirt

Subtil lines available in classic and slim fits

Made to your measurements, patterns of KALGATI shirts come in two fits covering all body types.


Slim fit

The classic fit allows for an elegant ease of movement while respecting the body lines, avoiding a parachute effect. The slim fit shapes itself to the body to highlight athletic silhouettes. At identical measurements, the classic fit provides a little more ease than the slim fit.


Classical fit

Take your measurements

Aware of how difficult ordering a new shirt online can be, we put ourselves in your place and have designed a simple, precise and pleasant form to use, with two types of measurements.

Body measurements

We recommend you to wear a shirt to ease the visualisation of marks and get help from a person. Using a tape measure, you just have to follow instructions and add your measurements to the form. We check the consistency of all your measurements and apply the ease to your shirt depending on the fit you select.

Shirt that fits you well measurements

Using a tape measure, please take the measurements of a shirt that fits you well. It is a simple way to tell us your exact measurements. Pictures and indications drafted with the help of our pattern-maker is available for each measure. We can then adapt your measurements to the lines of our classic or slim fits according to your preferences.

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A doubt in your measurement?

For all questions related to measurements, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service :

A chiseled assembly

Mirror French luxury excellence

In the intimacy of their atelier, for over 20 years seamstresses have been applying themselves to completing impeccable finishes, in the purest tradition of French excellence.

The offset of the sleeve seam, the incredible fineness of the single-needle stitching, the strength of the buttons sewn with a shank or elegant stitch density illustrate the extreme care and attention paid to a precision assembly.


Dress in the most luxurious cotton and the purest mother of pearl

Crafting the extraordinary

Having picked Sea Island cotton, the house dresses men in an exceptional way. This is the rarest strain of cotton in the world (0,0004% of worldwide production), which only grows in the perfect weather of the West Indies on th Barbados Island. Its fibers are the longest in the world (up to 52 mm).

Handpicked, the Sea Island seduces with a soft and delicate render, unique to the touch. The two-folded threads in Sea Island cotton are woven in Italy, in a factory with century-old know-how. Light, opaque and strong, the fabric is a fine textured poplin similar to twill in a 120/2 yarn count. Hard to wear anything else, once you’ve tried it on…

The shirt bears mother of pearl buttons. Coming from the Australian and Indonesian seas, it is the queen of nacres.  The buttons, crafted with the utmost simplicity, are the perfect, delicate match for the king of cottons.

Our Giza 87 Egyptian cotton –

Thomas Masson Gold collection

Giza 87 Egyptian cotton - White textured poplin

White Saqqara Giza 87 textured poplin

From the finest range of the italian spinning manufacture Thomas Masson, this 120/2 yarn count fabrics is slightly textured and bright. Giza 87 cotton used is an extra-long staples cotton, that gives softness and silkyness.

For a perfect match with a suit.

Giza 87 Egyptian cotton - Blue textured poplin

Sky blue Saqqara Giza 87 textured poplin

Slightly much textured touch than poplin, this stunning and elegant sky blue poplin is confortable and refined. With a 120/2 yarn count, its fineness offer a wonderfull sensation.

Essential in your dressing.

Born from artisanal shirt making know-how

A demanding and unparalleled pattern work

The precision of the lines, combined with technical accuracy, are the fundamentals of any great shirt.

Our patterns used for the made-to-measure Kalgati shirt, were designed and cut by hand, by a French artisan patternmaker, renown in the world of men’s bespoke shirting. Born from his high expectations and his unique know-how, the shirt, available in classic and silhouetted fits, subtly highlights the body volumes.


Artisan-cut pattern


Kalgati’s exclusive collar, combining classicism and modernity - Elegant with or without a tie


Yoke lines drawing


Subtle Kalgati collar lines, 7.5 cm point length - Perfect get-up with removable stays

Patron-Unique-Chemise KALGATI

Our patterns are unique, drawn and cut in the tradition of artisanal shirt making know-how


The one-button barrel cuffs, are elegantly topped by four plies on the inside of the sleeve

On our search for perfection, 22 patterns were drawn and cut by
hand so that each matches the lines and the specificities of every sizes offered in either fit. These unique patterns are used to cut the made-to-measure Kalgati shirt.

Artisan shirt making: a lexicon

So the shirt hangs perfectly, without compromising on comfort or elegance, you need to follow a specific know-how.
As the shirt-making lexicon is as wide as it is rich, we wanted to share with you the key words essential to the success of the shirt.


Les aplombs


Also called shoulders lines or shoulders

slopes, "les aplombs" are composed of

the yokes and the throatlines.

When it is mastered,

the shirt has a the right fit.

Side lines

Made of the side seams,

the side lines draw

the shirt silhouette.





On the front of the base of the neck,

the throatlines are the semi-circle on which the collar is sewn.

The two throatlines leave from the throat

rounding the neck to end

on the same line to the junction with

the yoke called « point de quart ».


The line of the back


Located on the upper back, the line of the back

spans from one tip of the shoulder to the other

and follows the shoulder slope.


The yoke


Located above the back,

the yokes are the keystone

that links the front of the shirt and the back.


The neckline


Composed of the two throatlines of the front and

and the yoke of behind, the neckline is

the line on which the collar is sewn.




Circling the arm from the armpit

to the tip of the shoulder, the armhole is

the line on which the top of

the sleeve will adapt.

Maison KALGATi

For accomplished men

Nodding to both sobriety and elegance, the house name was inspired by Kalos Kagathos, which meant “good and beautiful” in ancient Greek. These qualities, which philosophers attributed to accomplished men, stand for a personal conduct ideal.

When philosophers reigned, appearance as well as wisdom expressed virtue.

Guillemets-1-KALGATIThe perfect shirt by KALGATi illustrates the Maison KALGATi’s vision.

that of a French luxury associating sobriety, know-how and elegance. Guillemets-2-KALGATI

Delivered in a luxurious packaging

Experience French luxury

Our shirts are showcased and delivered in our exceptional box, including complimentary buttons and stays.

The perfect present for yourself or to delight any accomplished man.


The made-to-measure Kalgati shirt is available on our e-shop

Starting at 265€

8 reasons to acquire a made-to-measure Kalgati shirt

About delivery

Our customer service is at your disposal to send to the place of your choice. Delivery is free for shipments in mainland France. For Europe, delivery is proposed for 15€. For non-EU countries, delivery is proposed at 25€.

Since KALGATI is in the practical impossibility of informing non-EU customers of the exact total amount of the costs in connection with customs duties, formalities, and import taxes applicable in non-EU countries, the prices for non-EU customers are quoted DDU (“delivery duty unpaid”). Basket will adapt accordingly after registration.


A change in delivery time or place, a question about measurements, other information about our shirt or just want to get in touch?

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