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Closed to an accomplished man

Ulysse and Centaure, simple and elegant card holders, are the first leather goods items of la maison KALGATI.

Crafted in the tradition of French luxury leather goods, that combines expertise, simplicity and exceptional skins, these card holders will transcend time with distinction.

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Born from French leathergoods craftsmanship

Ulysse and Centaure are crafted in a small workshop in France dedicated to exceptional leather goods. The whole process, from skin preparation to final polishing, is completed in this place of genuine expertise.

The leather goods art inhabits this place where patience, knowledge transfer and skill of gesture transforms the material into sublime creations.

Leather preparation and cuts

Preparation of skins

A chiseled analysis of skins avoids defects caused by joints folds or insect bites in order to select a smooth and uniform grain.


First cut of the different parts, slightly larger than the final cut, performed to prepare the skiving, splitting and gluing.


Pre-cut of the skins


Calfskin before pre-cut


Splitting of the leather until the desired thickness


Skiving knife


With a thickness of several millimeters arriving in the workshop, skins are split to form a whole sober and elegant once assembled. Each piece of leather is thinned  into a determined and uniform thickness using a slitter blade.


It involves thinning the edges of the various parts of the item to obtain elegant slices with an constant thickness. Skiving starts from the interior side of the leather to go down to the flower using a machine or special knife



Once the different elements glued and cutted to their final size, the first finishes are made before assembly. To preserve the values of simplicity, a discreet mark is applied to each card holder with a brass stud heated to 80°.

Worktable and assembly

Ulysse and Centaure card holders are assembly with a regular seams. Stiches, in sepia, subtly reminiscent of the interiors. The stop of threds are handmade with flanged stiches : three stiches are lined with one across the edges.

Sublime traditional finishes

Sober and exclusive


With a hot creasing iron, a sober marking highlights underlines the upper pocket and body, inside and outside of our card holders for a smooth and distinguished visual.


Considered as the most luxurious finishes, two tint layers are applied to all visible slices of Centaure and Ulysse card holders.


For smooth, shiny and elegant finishes, tinted slices are then smoothed with a hot iron.

Sanding down

Before the final stages of finishing, the slices are lightly sanded down to remove the last irregularities.

Polishing, cleaning and pampering

  Finally, the slices are rubbed with beeswax and then polished with a white cotton canvas  with melted wax on.

Exceptional leathers

That time will improve

Lining in sepia goatskin

Recalling the color of the stitches,  this corked goatskin elegantly dresses Centaure and Ulysse interiors and brings a natural rigidity when assembled with the calf leather. From a French megisserie specializing in exceptional goatskins, the leather grain is marked manually by rolling on cork boards.

Exterior in black grained calfskin

With its light grain, harmonious and discreet, this full-grain calf leather will patina over time. Coming from a renowned French tannery, this black leather is a model for elegance. Its softness makes it perfectly suited to small exceptional leather goods.

 Maison KALGATi

The French excellence between simplicity and elegance

Nodding to both sobriety and elegance, the house name was inspired by Kalos Kagathos, which meant “good and beautiful” in ancient Greek. These qualities, which philosophers attributed to accomplished men, stand for a personal conduct ideal.

When philosophers reigned, appearance as well as wisdom expressed virtue.

La maison KALGATI aims to be the ambassador of the true French luxury, discrete and modern offering objects with timeless designs, perfectly made in exceptional French workshops and in the most exclusive raw materials.


Sobriety and functionality

Ulysse card holder

Exterior pocket for credit card

Inside pocket for cards and receipts

Discret KALGATI branding

Centaure card holder

Size closed : 7.3 x 10.2 cm

A large exterior pocket for notes and receipts

Left inside: one pocket with a credit card slot – Right inside: pocket for credit, transport or business cards

Discret KALGATI branding

Delivered in a luxurious packaging

A perfect gift to be kept forever


Ulysse and Centaure card holders

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Ulysse card holder is available at 145€

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Centaure card holder is available at 210€

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Ulysse and Centaure are unique

Besides their simple and timeless design that make them elegant companions, Ulysse and Centaure are intended to be a reflection of the excellence of the French leather goods carried by a small workshop whose unique expertise is preserved and instilled to all creations.

About delivery

Our customer service is at your disposal to send your models to the place of your choice. Delivery is free for shipments in mainland France. For Europe, delivery is proposed for 15€. For non-EU countries, delivery is proposed at 25€.

Since KALGATI is in the practical impossibility of informing non-EU customers of the exact total amount of the costs in connection with customs duties, formalities, and import taxes applicable in non-EU countries, the prices for non-EU customers are quoted DDU (“delivery duty unpaid”)


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