Exceptionality born with authenticity

Founded in Paris to preserve elegance, the house of KALGATI shares its passion with exceptional ready-to-wear and accessories items, unique by their quality and authenticity. KALGATI’s vision is the search of rare elegance and refinement.

Its roots dive into unique sources, to collect and transcends the purest raw materials: cashmere, cotton and leather fuel our confection with an authentic fabric, produced to embody perfection.

Poignet chemise ideale KALGATI

Thus, this quest has led us to exceptional sources: cashmere worked by KALGATI from the best farms of Chinese and Mongolian goats. Their long fibers, rare, are transformed into a renowned workshop in Italy to offer the best yarn in the world.

The Sea Island cotton used in the manufacture of our shirts is the rarest in the world. Picked by hand in the Barbados Island, it is woven with genuine expertise, guarantee of quality and durability.

Our leathers are the ones from the most famous in France leathers, and transformed into a quest for excellence, tradition and with a subtle patina will be revealed by time.

Patron chemise KALGATI

A gifted and accurate hand works patiently these materials to preserve the natural perfection and express our vision of luxury and distinction.

Elegance denies the depredation of time

Driven by this requirement of a timeless quality and design, KALGATI ready-to-wear and accessories transcends the ages, differentiating themselves beyond fashion and trends. These items are not organized in successive collections, but have been manufactured to embody precious objects whose time strengthens authenticity.

Coton Sea Island Bleu KALGATI


This strong identity takes echoes from a masculine ideal expressed in ancient Greece: Kalos Kagathos, a meeting of the beautiful and the good, aesthetic and morality.


The Athenian aristocracy, tending towards this ideal, intended to make appearance an expression of virtue. This man would inspire respect by his actions and his aura.

Tracé patron chemise KALGATI

This is the conception of Man proposed by KALGATI, an accomplished individual whose appearance reflects a desire of distinction and excellence, actor of an era fascinated by its elegant charisma.